So there’s an attention economy.
We pay and receive it.
More often we lack it.
As more information sources vie for our attention, we divide our precious stash into ever thinner slices.
I have heard of deficits but never a surplus.
Meanwhile people everywhere are fighting to gain our attention, or grab it when we won’t freely give it. Trying desperately to hold our attention. Ever fearful of losing it.
The winners of our attention are those who manage to supply the infotainment we seek whenever and wherever we want it. Our personal, mobile attention-seekers.
Meanwhile we seek every measly glimmer of attention we can muster, whether it be in the form of virtual “likes” which devalue the instant they are issued, or rebleatings which validate the worth of our bleats.
I have been pondering Zen of late. But there’s nothing to ponder. Could I possibly muster so much of my attention to invest in nothing?
A ladybird caught my attention on the 15th floor in my office, and I caught it and took it outside to the  garden.