Firstly, this is NOT an attempt to convince anyone they should give up Facebook (FB)

I just want to briefly explain to family and friends some of my reasons for deleting my account.

I’ve invested a lot of time and energy into FB. (Imagine if I’d kept a diary instead.)

It’s also helped me to unearth some old friends and maintain contact with people in general.

But at the same time, I think it has turned me into a lazy friend.

I also think it detracts from my ability to concentrate on here and now reality.


More importantly, two recent incidents spurred my decision to delete my account and leave.

In the first incident, a friend had the announcement of a major life event automatically posted on their newsfeed just by OKing another person’s update. This crossed a boundary for me. I don’t want to relinquish control over sharing my personal news.

The second incident was when my PC software detected that FB was tracking me, even though I hadn’t logged on that day. This could be from the Like buttons that appear on many websites. Other information suggests that FB continues to track you after you log off (it stays silently “logged on”).

Lots of sites track us. I’m aware of that. But FB has been in the news for deceptive practices (search the terms “Facebook” and “experiment” if you want to know about these incidents). These made me more aware that many “services” we use have ulterior motives.
Enough of the paranoia. I post so much stuff online that I’ll be one of the first against the wall when the time comes. If you want to find out something about someone, where there’s a will, there’s a way, especially on the Internet.


When I started to contemplate deleting my account, I ran a search on “why to quit Facebook” and read many interesting articles. The reasons people cite range are diverse, but the one article that hit home mentioned all the great things that I could be doing instead of using FB. For example, interacting more with people around me in real life.


This is the article:


I hope that in my “life after FB” I’ll write more personal emails, blog more, keep a diary, write letters, phone people or even meet them.

I already have some friends who are not on FB and we still manage to maintain a healthy relationship, so I know it is possible.

“But you use Twitter,” I hear you cry. Yes, but my aim is to get news and connect with new people. It’s complicated. I could also cut back on Twitter a little, to be honest.

How will you and I stay in touch?
The options are: email, snail-mail, carrier pigeon, Skype, telephone or leave it up to fate to make our paths cross again. Feel free to follow me on Twitter too, but be warned that I tweet a lot and it’s rated PG.

I hope we stay in touch. I’m happy to make the effort required.