I’ve started dabbling in Arabic.
This is early daze, and I’m not holding high hopes.
My motivation has been the nonsense going on in the world, in particular the racist nonsense in Oz with the anti-halal movement that apparently is unaware of where their petroleum comes from.
I’ve decided I can’t fight the ignorance without, but I can try and stop its infiltration into my psyche.
So I’ve made a conscious effort to follow folks on Twitter who can enlighten me a little on the issues and we’ve had some wonderful interaction.
Similarly I’ve been able to connect with some indigenous Australians, where living in Oz we seemed to live in different worlds.
A gay Japanese friend of mine once told me one reason he liked being gay was that he mixed with a cross section of society he didn’t think would be the case as a str8 guy. Different age groups, professions and the like.
Twitter has been that way for me.
Back to Arabic.
I’m trying to learn the alphabet, and take it from there.
Visits to France have brought me closer to Arabic speakers than living in Japan. And a number of my friends in France share my interest in learning Arabic due to similar reasons. The best way they see to resist the xenophobia promoted by Front National is to reach out, connect, understand and embrace diversity.
And the Arabic alphabet ain’t that difficult. Looks like squiggles, yet millions of people can read and communicate with it.
See how we go.