Okay, so I went off the Twitter rails in 2015.
But no regrets. It’s my policy.
Somehow I got (‘got’ is a word. Your HS English teacher lied. Goofle it.) bogged down in heavy tweets.
The world was too much with me, or some such.
Just so many issues and so much misery.
I escaped into a world of panda GIFs, punny tweets, semi #NSFW nekked hot guys and the like.
Lost lots. Saved some sanity in the process.
I’m thinking deep stuff all the time, but you know, when you see the same RT come around for the 10th time, subterfuge springs to mind. Thanks autosuggest.
I have my limits. We all do.
In the mean time, I started meeting tweeps, and this also meant that RTing funny stuff was more personal for me.
But I still strive for some kind of transparency.
The sexy stuff, the punny stuff, the Japanese stuff and the #fromageporn are all facets of me.
I’m always willing to engage seriously. But my views on the Pacific War are not easily condensed into 140 characters. So I’m happy to tweet slightly off-centre stuff that hopefully in some way can offer a whiff of other approaches.
If you have fresh and frisky alternatives, bring it on.