I met this foreigner in Shinjuku 2-chome once.
Quiet night, so we got talking.
Good-looking, but really arrogant.
I envied his confidence.
He was travelling, had been in Japan 36 hours. but it wasn’t his first visit.
Knew his way around.
We sat at Advocates Bar, and I bemoaned the lack of action in Tokyo.
Guys are too reticent, nothing really hot ever happens.
As I poured out my woes over whiskey, he told about the previous night.
I never got his contact details, and can’t even remember his name now.
That’s me — hopelessly shy.
Let’s call him Markus, cos it’s a suitably studly name.

This is Markus’s story:

I set my Gaydar location to Tokyo a week ago, and was contacted by a guy almost immediately.
Japanese, just out of uni, sounded really keen.
Sent me pics of himself butt-naked on a beach abroad.
No doubt, he was willing.
At 16:00, we met by the JR station. He was in a suit, fresh from an interview.
We had coffee, conversation was awkward, he was fidgeting, horny as.
He suggested we go to his uni campus nearby.
I saw security and wondered if we’d get in, but no worries.
He led me to some out-of-the-way toilets, where I gave him what he needed.
I excused myself, and we parted ways.
I’d planned to hang out with a friend that night in 2-chome.
It was still early, so I headed to an uri-sen bar.
I’m not interested in paying for it, when guys are giving it away for
free, but it was fun to have some company, drinks and eye-candy.
But I was wasting money, and the clock was ticking.
At the appointed hour, I met my mate, crazy Belgian guy here studying, and we went for
a few drinks and a boogie.
The club was tiny, packed. Amber was playing. Camp and corny, but
familiar and fun.
Another trip to the toilets, where he took me from behind.
It was rough, weird. We were mates, but we’d secretly been keen on
each other since we first met  years before.
I was too drunk to dance anymore, but too horny to think straight.
Had to excuse myself, and I headed directly to the sauna a few blocks away.
It was pumping. Men everywhere.
I was feeling confident, I knew I could have anyone I wanted.
There he was — perfection. Japanese Adonis.
Similar height, muscular, well-hung, uncut, tattooed, pierced and
gagging for it.
Instant chemistry. We fell into a shower cubicle, and were over each
other. I could tell he was buzzing too.
Then, suddenly, he pulled back “I can’t do it alone, let’s find my
boyfriend”, he said.
We quickly hooked up — they’d hired a private room — well-prepared.
There on the futon, they double-P’d me. The climax, so to speak.
After chilling for a while, I headed back out into the night, drained
but glowing.
My mate had had enough, so we lay on the ground outside Shinjuku
Gyoen, laughing at crows.
Then we walked. Two hours, to Hibiya Park, and lay on the ground, cold
and exhausted, but grinning like madmen.
Amber’s song was ringing in my ears, “One more night, give me all I
want and some more.”


Personally, I doubt the authenticity of his story, but sometimes when I’m in 2-chome, I’ll walk by a guy who looks just like the Adonis he described.